Kaweco Frosted Sport Ball Pen Light Blueberry


The ballpoint pen in the colour Fine Lime is stimulating, but still soft. The color is reminiscent of a lime, which brings us the necessary refreshment in the summer months. The writing instruments of the Frosted Sport series come in fresh, pastel colors and are characterized by a slightly opaque, milky plastic. The series adds a completely modern touch to the classic Kaweco Sport. In keeping with the cool colours, the elements such as the logo cap were kept in silver. The ballpoint pen has a length of 10.5 cm and works with a high-quality heart curve mechanism. This works particularly precisely and silently when the pusher is pressed.
The pin is almost completely manufactured and assembled in Germany, only the precise mechanics are imported from Japan. Our standardized leads are available in black and blue as well as in line widths of 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm and 1.2 mm. In addition, we offer a red 1.0 mm lead. As a suitable addition, there are leather cases for one or two Kawecos, which protect the pen from scratching on the go. If you like to have your notebook compact, you can equip the ballpoint pen with a clip in silver, gold, bronze or black.


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