Nahvalur Horizon Habitat Limited Edition

15200  ₹19000

Each pen is made from a uniquely hand-crafted piece of resin that beautifully fades between captivating colors that were meticulously picked, and each resin is one of its kind! The Horizon collection brings a creative modern twist to the classic cigar shape. It would be a perfect companion for road trips, offices and any events you want to leave a good impression on.   With its curved metal ring, representing the waves of the ocean, and Nahvalur's signature ink window, representing the sky behind the waves, the collection strives for the perfect balance between modern creativity and cherished classic.   Habitat draws inspiration from the habitat of marine animals where the color mimics the blue ocean and green sea-plants. ...

Edition: 2023 Limited Edition Pen Body Material: Pearlescent acrylic resin by Starry Night Resins Trims and Clip: Blue Nib: Nahvalur no. 6 size stainless steel nib Filling System: Built-in piston mechanism with ink window Pen Length, closed: 6.02 in. / 153mm Pen Length, open, cap off: 5.39 in. / 137mm Pen Length, open, cap posted: 6.6 in. / 168mm Pen Diameter, barrel: 0.51 in. / 13mm Pen Diameter, section: 0.41 in. / 10.5mm Pen Total Weight: 1.3oz / 36.85g

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