Kaweco SUPRA Black


Elegant and minimalistic – The design and functionality of this fountain pen have already proven itself for over 100 years. Inspired by the simple design of the Liliput, the “big brother” was created first in 1920. A variably adjustable fountain pen that can be perfectly adjusted to personal taste in weight and length thanks to a removable connection piece. Lightweight yet robust ¬– With the Kaweco Supra Black, another high-quality fountain pen joins the series. The black anodised surface with its silk-matte brush optic gives the pen a pleasurable haptic and scratch resistance. CNC-turned from solid and lightweight aluminium, this exceptional writing instrument is almost indestructible and ensures writing happiness for a lifetime. The weight, length and diameter of the fountain pen are perfectly balanced. Therefore, your hand doesn’t tire even after long writing sessions. The effortless writing feeling is enhanced by a large 250 nib unit. Thanks to the size of the nib, pressure on the notepad is slightly absorbed, ensuring a very soft gliding over the paper. Depending on the writing style, you can choose between five nib sizes. While the extra fine nib (EF) is particularly suitable for small and delicate handwriting, the extra broad nib (BB) is often used for large and dramatic signatures. Due to the practical screwing mechanism, the nib unit can easily be changed afterwards. For the perfect finishing touch, the Kaweco Supra can be further customised with a matching clip in black, silver or bronze. ...


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