Nahvalur Original Plus Garibaldi Orange Fountain Pen


The Garibaldi Orange pen features a strikingly bright and saturated orange hue, elegantly swirled through its body, complemented by gold-colored trim. Its exuberant design is a reflection of passion and energy, making it an ideal companion for those seeking to infuse creativity into their daily writing experience. Designed for ease of use, the Original Plus pens offer a in-house made smooth nib that glides effortlessly across paper, ensuring a seamless writing experience. The translucent body allows writers to easily monitor the ink level, always prepared when inspiration strikes. With a large ink capacity, these pens are well-suited for your daily writing needs, making them the ultimate everyday carry companions. ...

Nahvalur Original Plus Garibaldi Orange Fountain Pen Specifications:
Edition: 2023 Regular Edition.
Pen Material: Acrylic with swirls of orange throughout.
Trims and Clip: gold-plated appointments.
Nib: No. 6 stainless steel available in F, M, B, or 1.1mm stub.
Filling System: Vacuum-Filling (bottled ink fill only).
Pen length, closed: 5.75 in. / 146mm.
Pen length, open (cap off): 5.11 in. / 130mm.
Pen length, open (cap posted): 6.97 in. / 177mm.
Pen Diameter, barrel: 0.51 in. / 13 mm.
Pen diameter, grip section: 0.37 in. - 0.43 in. / 9.5mm - 11mm.
Pen weight (without ink): 1.2 oz. / 34g.
Gift boxed with user guide and 1-year warranty.

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