About Brand

What CYPRESS wants to dedicate to customers is to let you have a top-quality pen that can last a lifetime and even be passed on to the next generation. Maintaining these values and striving to carry them forward is a mighty motive power for CYPRESS.

CYPRESS' parent is a technology company whereby the owner has been endeavoring to pen design and manufacture by tapping technical methodologies. The company's current lineup includes but not limited to pens of urushi, metal, precious wood, ebonite and other special materials. In particular, the traditional raden art is applied in the company's handcrafed raden pens, which have become one of CYPRESS' most popular and unique products in the international fountain pen market.

Mr. Cypress was founded in 2018 and dedicated to making wooden pens at the initial stage. The company has been gradually growing and developing different designs in applications of various materials since then. Further to the in-house craftsmen and equipment, CYPRESS is also working with artisans for some commissioned fountain pens to meet market demand.

CYPRESS specialized in wooden pen production and pen design, which has an experienced design team and pen masters, that have unique and professional insights into the material matching, design, and pen making details of various pens. In terms of hardware, our company has professional and advanced equipment and processes, which can meet the different needs of the market for various customized and mass-produced of fountain pens.

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