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Germany Since 1883

KAWECO belongs to one of the oldest brands in the market. For more than 125 years KAWECO pens are an integral part of the High-Class assortments.

KAWECO insistently focuses on the thin line between tradition and innovation and therewith since 1883 secures the favor of those, who would like to impress their values and esteems on paper.



Foundation of the Heidelberger Federhalterfabrik (Heidelberg dip pen factory) by the gentlemen Luce and Enßlen. Although the Kaweco name was not listed in the Heidelberg directory until 1889. Wooden dip pens are produced; fountain pens and golden nibs are imported from Morton in New York.


The businessmen Heinrich Koch and Rudolph Weber take over the Heidelberg dip pen factory and set-up a new production facility in Handschuhsheim, right outside of Heidelberg. The products are marked with the brand names Perkeo, Omega and Kaweco and are also stamped with the initials HF, which stand for Heidelberger Federhalterfabrik (Heidelberg dip pen factory).


The first safety fountain pen is patented by KAWECO, D.R.G.M. 224101 and is strongly advertised.


Kaweco opens subsidiaries in Berlin, Paris, Zurich and Vienna as well as agencies in many countries all over the world. A pocket fountain pen for ladies, officers and sportsmen is mentioned for the first time. It is the year of birth of the Kaweco Sport.


Morton supports Kaweco by helping with the set up of their own gold nib production and sends engineers as well as machines to Germany.


Transformation into a PLC (public limited company). Kaweco employs 600 people and produces about 130,000 fountain pens annually. Lever fountain pens are added to the production.


The considerably smaller Baden fountain pen factory „Knust Woringen and Grube“ (Aurumia brand) from Wiesloch buys Kaweco‘s company name, machines, stock and patents. The brands and models of Kaweco and Aurumia are combined; “KA WE CO” in the three-part circle emerges. It is still used today as a logo on nearly all pens.


During World War II production is stopped almost completely. Several months after the End of the war, the company receives permission to resume business on October 30th, 1945. The German shepherd dog becomes the new heraldic animal.


Mr. Friedrich Grube Senior dies on May 5th, 1960. His son Friedrich, his wife Liselotte and their two sons take over management. The product range is adjusted to match the modern streamlined shapes. The nibs are partially concealed.


Kaweco purchases a license for the XX. Olympic Games and launches the Sport Set with a special jewelry pendant. Especially insurance companies value the Kaweco Sport as a means of advertisement.


The h&m gutberlet gmbh acquires the „KAWECO“ name and re-launches a new Sport series based on the Kaweco Sport design from 1935. These nifty pocket writing instruments are available as fountain pens, rollerballs, ball pens, push pencils and clutch pencils. Diplomat becomes the exclusive sales partner. This business relationship is maintained until 1999, when Diplomat is sold.


Kaweco begins building a world-wide sales network under the aegis of the h&m gutberlet gmbh. With the help of local distributors in different countries, Kaweco products are sold to many nations.


The product range continuously expands. Classic design and high-quality manufacturing are still at the core of the brand’s philosophy today. Currently, Kaweco writing instruments are available in over 40 countries.

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