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Since 1930, the Lamy name has stood for the highest levels of quality and innovative design. Today this family company from Heidelberg belongs to the leading German manufacturers of exclusive writing instruments and markets its products all over the world. The following is a brief of Lamy:

C. Josef Lamy, who up until then had worked as an export and branch manager for an American writing instrument manufacturer, sets up his own business in Heidelberg, the Orthos Füllfederhalter-Fabrik in the year 1930. The streamlined LAMY 27 fountain pen was introduces in 1952, which with its innovative “Tintomatik” system ensures a smooth, clean flow of ink, symbolises the birth of the LAMY writing instrument brand and achieves the firm’s breakthrough on the market. In 1964, with the LAMY exact, Germany’s first ballpoint pen with a large-capacity refill and a tip made of stainless steel, Lamy succeeds in establishing itself on the market for superior ballpoint pens. Sales success at home and abroad soon make the pen and its modern design a major contributor to turnover.

The LAMY 2000 is launched in autumn 1966. This new fountain pen is revolutionary in several respects: unlike writing instruments from other brands, it features no material surplus or design gadgets. Based on the Bauhaus principle “form follows function” it focuses on practical function and thus lays the foundation for the clear design language which still forms the basis for all Lamy writing instruments. It also sets new standards in terms of workmanship, as the material combination of matt-ground stainless steel and Makrolon (polycarbonate) is very challenging to work with and completely new in the mid-sixties.


In the year 1980, when the LAMY safari is unveiled at the Frankfurt Fair in 1980, nobody guesses that it would one day be the best-selling fountain pen in the world. The LAMY safari enables Lamy to conquer the target group of 10 to 15-year-olds for the first time. It is the outcome of extensive research work in the field of youth psychology and of close cooperation with designer Wolfgang Fabian and the Mannheim Development Group under the direction of Prof. Bernt Spiegel. The ergonomic design and sturdy workmanship of the LAMY safari are perfectly tailored to the needs of schoolchildren, but also quickly win over many adult fans as well. The start of the company’s own ink production strengthens Lamy’s desire for independence and enables it to increase its production depth once again in 1989. Almost half a century after its launch, Lamy unveils its iconic LAMY 2000 in a high-quality all-metal series in stainless steel. Creating the timeless design in this material is a real challenge: its production requires a combination of demanding mechanical and manual production and machining processes. All in all a complex process which results in a masterpiece.

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