About Brand

Handcrafted in Italy since 1925

Since 1930s, Omas has been the pinnacle of Italian writing instrument manufacture.

Being the one of the first manufacturers to introduce vibrant colors into the writing instrument industry, Omas has the highest standard when it comes to selecting materials. In the past, the use of celluloid provided fountain pen vibrant colors prior to the existence of oil-based acrylic plastic. Celluloid is a flammable cotton-based plastic known for its luxurious feel and appearance. This material is considered one of the most prestigious materials for fountain pen production. With our promises to use quality materials in every batch we manufacture, celluloid has become our go-to materials in the factory. In fact, we have hammered out an agreement with The Pen Family, who currently possesses most of the original celluloid materials used by the old time Omas, to exclusively supply us celluloid, colors handpicked by our design team.

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