Kaweco Sketch up Clutch Pencil Brass


The metallic body made of untreated brass gives the drawing tool a special feel. Over time, the Sketch Up Brass develops its own individual patina through use. This model is preferably used for technical and artistic drawing. The high-quality mechanism holds a lead with a line width of 5.6 mm in the very soft degree of hardness 5B. This makes it particularly light and sweeping. So that no matter where you are, the pencil is always ready for use, there is a sharpener for the lead in the removable pusher. For the Sketch Up drop pencil, the graphite leads in hardness grade 5B are available as a refill pack. In addition, the range includes all-purpose refills that are suitable for various surfaces. They are available in blue, red and green. Alternatively, our highlighter refills in the colors green, yellow and orange can be used to mark text passages in a memorable and visible way. With our eraser cords, the drop pencil can also be transformed into a practical eraser. However, care should be taken to ensure thorough cleaning so that there is no contamination by graphite residues.
Hint: This raw material will change color over time due to use!


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