Kaweco Classic Sport Clutch Pencil Black Guilloche 3.2 MM

2720  ₹3400

Noble and graceful, the classic drop pencil in the color black with the pattern guilloche looks. The historical pattern, which adorns every second surface of the octagonal pen, is a must for all those who love detail. It consists of horizontal lines paired with vertically oblique struts that visually intertwine. In 1911, the Kaweco Sport was created, a pen that still impresses with its design today and has become a classic. In addition to ink-based writing instruments, the series also offers a drop pencil with high-quality mechanics. The drop pencils are characterized by a velvety soft writing feel and a high level of comfort when drawing. It's perfect for sketching ideas and drawing. The comparatively wide lead helps to create dynamic strokes that are given different widths depending on the angle and pressure. The line width of the lead is 3.2 mm and the hardness is 5B. Note: This article is only available in Germany and Austria, Switzerland and Great Britain exclusively through our partner Manufactum. ...


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