Kaweco Collection Fountain Pen Toyama Teal


In isolated places around the world, a beautiful natural spectacle occasionally shows up on the nights of the spring months. In Japan, the coast in the Toyama district – which gives the new Collection variant its unusual name – is illuminated by a mystical blue light at this time. The rare and spectacular phenomenon is called bioluminescence and is caused by light-emitting creatures. Especially in Toyama, the spectacle is created on the accumulation of a special species of squid. The thousands and thousands of points of light that perform a captivating spectacle on the surface of the sea are reflected in the high-quality plastic of the fountain pen. Depending on the light irradiation, the pearl-green pigments sparkle with varying intensity. The overall design is perfectly rounded off by the combination with silver elements.
Based on this fascinating effect, the writing instrument is shipped in a color-coordinated packaging that is reminiscent of the shimmering waves of water. In 1911, something special was created with the Kaweco Sport. The pocket fountain pen has a size of only 10.5 cm when closed, making it the perfect companion for on the go. With the cap attached, it grows to a normal size of 13 cm. The fountain pen becomes individual with the choice of your desired nib in the sizes extra-fine (EF) to extra-wide (BB). For beginners, we recommend the medium spring strength M. All nibs, as well as the fountain pen itself, are made in Germany. It comes with a royal blue ink cartridge as standard. Matching the fountain pen, Kaweco offers eleven colorful inks, a mini converter, and slide-on clips in gold, silver, bronze and black. *Products from the Kaweco Collection are available for a limited time in the Kaweco standard range.


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