Kaweco Frosted Sport Clutch Pencil Blush Pitaya 3.2 MM


The fine and stylish appearance of the drop pencil in the color variation Blush Pitaya, leaves room for relaxation and deceleration. The pink has a soft effect and is reminiscent of a dragon fruit in appearance. The writing instruments of the Frosted Sport series come in fresh, pastel colors and are characterized by a slightly opaque, milky plastic. The series adds a completely modern touch to the classic Kaweco Sport. In keeping with the cool colours, the elements such as the logo cap were kept in silver. In addition to ink-based writing instruments, the series also offers a drop pencil with high-quality mechanics. The drop pencils are characterized by a velvety soft writing feel and a high level of comfort when drawing. It's perfect for sketching ideas and drawing. The comparatively wide lead helps to create dynamic strokes that are given different widths depending on the angle and pressure. The pin is almost completely manufactured and assembled in Germany, only the high-quality and precise mechanics are imported from Japan. The line width of the lead is 3.2 mm and has a hardness of 5B. As a suitable addition, there are leather cases for one or two Kawecos, which protect the pen from scratching on the go. If you like to keep your notebook compact, you can equip the drop pencil with a clip in silver, gold, bronze or black. ...


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