Visconti Rembrandt S Lavender


This Collection pays tribute to Rembrandt, an icon of the Dutch Golden Age. In his painting “Landscape with a Stone Bridge” or “The Stone Bridge” (1638) the viewer finds himself/herself immersed in a calm rural landscape witnessing a romantic evening scene of the sun setting behind a stone bridge. The artist’s palette captures the waning golden light as reflected in the water beneath the bridge which is offset by the delicate lavender strokes of the unlit water in the foreground. It features a beautiful variegated lavender body that evokes the soothing calm of Rembrandt's water,  like the scent of lavender, while the bronze accents add a touch of  sophistication and warmth of his sunset. The all new Rembrandt-s Fountain Pen is designed to provide a smooth  and comfortable writing experience, while also enhancing your mood  and well-being. Whether you are writing a letter, a journal entry, or a creative piece, this pen will help you express yourself with grace and joy. ...

Type: Fountain Pen Colore: Black / Bordeaux / Lavender / Light Blue / Orange Materials: Acrylic resin Size: Regular Nib: Steel (large) Nib color: Ruthenium Nib tip: F/M/B Caricamento: Cartridge / Converter Closure Type: Magnetic Finishes: Ruthenium

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