3 Oysters

3 Oysters inks are themed fountain pen inks made in Seoul, South Korea. The inks are formulated with pure, ionized water and dye-based colors. In Korea they compare good things to honey. The idiom "to put a honeycomb in the house" means to hide good things. In the West, good things are compared to an oyster. Oysters have hard shells and are hard to open, but with the right tools the job is easy. So why 3 Oysters? The name comes from the 3 tools used in writing: pen, ink, paper. Viewing “the world in your Oysters”, the unique color reflects the very heart of Korea.


  • Water-based, dye-based ink.
  • Non-permanent.
  • Neutral pH (6-8).
  • Made using membrane-filtered colorants and pure ionized water for maximum purity and stability.
  • Tilted-corner bottle design for easy pen filling.


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