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How ONLINE got its name:

The term "ONLINE" has become part of our day-to-day language – that was not always the case. When Alexandra and Thomas Batsch established their company "ONLINE Schreibgeräte" in 1991 they could not forsee how that term would change through the years due to the boom in computers and online banking.

In 1991 the company founders were looking for a suitable name. It was supposed to be called "ONLINE" because, back then, being connected with a computer center - and thus "online" - meant to be most up-to-date. The year the company was established neither PCs nor the Internet were widely spread in Germany. The name was supposed to evoke up-to-dateness and a reference to writing. And, due to the fact that the word "line" was embedded, the name appeared to be just perfect.

"Even though 'online' has undergone a complete semantic change in the last 20 years, we, of course, stay with it," says its managing director Thomas Batsch. The name today, including its closed concept with graphics and logo, is well known among the young target group - and stands for design and innovation - made in Germany.

Corporate Philosophy:

With its design-oriented writing instruments for students, young people and the young-at-heart, ONLINE has evolved into a trendsetter in the industry. A coherent approach, consistent market positioning and a clear brand strategy are some of the factors of its success. The family business was founded in 1991 by Thomas and Alexandra Batsch with a clear goal in mind:

  • The production of writing instruments for school and office.
  • Usage of the location advantage of Germany.
  • High quality level for functionality and technology.

With fresh ideas and a lot of energy, they established independent ranges of writing instruments on the market within just a few years. They are both well aware that this would not have been possible without a committed and motivated team of employees. Today ONLINE employs more than 100 employees at its Neumarkt site, and its writing instruments are sent to approximately 56 countries around the world. Discover the magic in writing and find out more about our brand!

Innovation and competence

ONLINE – a trendsetter in design and style – leads you into the fascinating world of pens and let you feel the pure joy of writing. With enthusiasm and passion, ONLINE develops high-quality products characterised by innovation, functionality and an eye for design. The family-run business demands the highest standards of quality and service, with a production focus on high levels of technical know-how, a motivated team and modern logistics. ONLINE writing instruments underline your personal style. The large range of designs, writing systems and nib widths offer a huge possibility for a perfect writing experience. For 25 years, ONLINE writing instruments have been known as “the colourful ones“ amongst their target group, making school life itself more cheerful and colourful. The uniform brand identity with the new corporate design, both in retail stores and on the Internet, ensures the growing brand awareness.


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